GTF Achilles (Warmachine)

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The following information pertains to the Warmachine mod and is not canon to either FreeSpace or Blue Planet

GTF Achilles


Warmachine R2 Tech Description

A truly massive fighter, the Achilles is composed of 75% classified material by volume. All the panels marked CLASSIFICATION LEVEL: UPSILON, or TABLET-STYX PROGRAM are backed up by this ship's full marine contingent and that's before flight ops gets their hands on you if you ruin their opportunity to work on the latest and greatest. All we know for sure is that the Achilles possesses massive firepower, a combination of internal missile bays and external mounting points, and has both durable armor and a shield that can shrug off damage like a Seraphim. All of that pales to the powerful thrusters, and something Destiny Industries and Morgan Technologies has been cooking up is powering those thrusters because the Achilles has full three-D acceleration and can afterburn for ages. The Achilles is an enormous target, but can survive all that incoming fire and dish it back out. This thing can run rings around the Perseus interceptor while loaded down with a battery of antiship missiles and those heavy Enyo cannons. If it's an option, consider taking it or the Ishtar.

Try not to get it blown up, there aren't very many of these fighters.

Credits List

  • Produced by Talhydras

Name Origin

Named after the greek hero of the Trojan War.


Warmachine R2

Type Advanced Space Superiority
Manufacturer Destiny Industries
Maneuverability High
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 2.9, 2.9, 3.2 s
Max Velocity 95 - 145 mps forward, 70 mbps aft, 45 mpbs lateral
Max Afterburner Velocity 240 mps forward, 170 aft
Armor Very High
Hitpoints 445
Shields 850
Length 28.1 m


Bank Guns Standard Loadout
1st 4 Sarrisa
1st 4 Enyo
Compatible Primaries
Amirani, Enyo, Khopesh, Kiya, Makhaira, Sarissa, Xiphos
Bank Capacity Standard Compatible
1st 80 Massacre Massacre, Regret, Wraith, Osiris pod, Hypnos Pod
2nd 80 Wraith Massacre, Regret, Wraith, Tiamat pod, Marduk Pod
3rd 96 Spectre Spectre, Phantom, Thundercloud, Shadowhawk
4th 96 Thundercloud Spectre, Phantom, Thundercloud, Shadowhawk

Veteran Comments

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The Achilles is power fantasy in fighter form. Able to mount all but the heaviest missiles and with enough banks to bring a variety of tools, if you see it's available you'll probably need it. Don't forget to use it's glide and full strafe capabilies

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