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The following information pertains to the Warmachine mod and is not canon to either FreeSpace or Blue Planet

GTF Achilles


Warmachine R2 Tech Description

The GTF Achilles has been the highly public face of the enormous breakthroughs powering the next generation of Alliance technology for the last three years. The Achilles has been shown regularly at official functions and has seen some small-scale action against high profile pirate groups, but procurement programs have not resulted in Morgan Technologies and Destiny Industries providing anywhere near the number of spaceframes the Alliance public is clamoring for. Only small numbers are available for critical missions and on modern Destroyers and installations near potential hot spots even after continual budget increases.

The Achilles’s primary role is as a superheavy interceptor. It’s eight primary afterburners can operate at full power for 25 seconds at significantly higher speeds than any Capella-era interceptor, allowing it to rapidly reposition between hot spots in a chaotic battlespace. Additionally the frame mounts six reverse afterburners for nearly as much thrust backwards, allowing the Achilles to turn and shower pursuers with its withering armament. Full 3d mobility is provided by dozens of reverse and turning thrusters, giving the enormous ship startling nimbleness and the ability to slide and reverse freely.

In support of its mission to quickly destroy any opposition and move on to the next hot spot, the Achilles is equipped with eight high capacity direct fire weapon mounts in two banks of four. Sporting an incredible power supply, the Achilles can dogfight with greater lethality than the GTF Erinyes. The same power plant also supports extensive shielding, allowing the Achilles to survive pitched battles or short engagements alike. For secondary armament, the craft has an internal magazine capable of launching Wraith and Massacre chassis missiles through four launchers, as well as two sets of external pylons compatible with Spectre, Thundercloud, and Shadowhawk missiles. A large articulated belly hardpoint is compatible with either the CATAPULT missile pod or the PASIPHAE-chassis heavy gunpods.

A truly massive fighter, the Achilles measures 28 meters in length and with all surfaces deployed 24.8 meters in width and 9.3 meters in height. It is the product of the TABLET and STYX breakthrough technology programs as well as the SWORDSMAN strike craft development program’s APEX initiative. It is composed of 75% classified material by volume. Unauthorized access to the internals of the ship is strictly prohibited.

The only significant flaw of the Achilles is that in no small part due to its laundry list of features it is an enormous target, but it can survive huge amounts of incoming fire and dish it back out. In comparison to modern craft, the Achilles has slightly stronger armor than the GTF Otrera heavy fighter and stronger shields that recharge more rapidly than the GTF Theia. This ship is designed to provide the kind of fighting capability that the Alliance did not have on Capella’s last, darkest day. Able to bring the fight successfully to any kind of Shivan ship and demonstrating an enormous leap in capabilities compared to the Myrmidon, Ares, and Erinyes spaceframes of the last war, the Achilles is as much a political weapon as it is a military one. It is in fact often showcased alongside those older fighter craft instead of more modern equivalents such as the Otrera, Lampeto, Theia, or Hippolyta. With the Achilles, the leadership of the Alliance has been able to reassure a terrified populace that despite what is common knowledge of the Shivan’s raw strength, the Alliance maintains enough of a technological edge that it can still protect them.

Try not to get it blown up. We need all of these we can get.

Credits List

  • Produced by Talhydras

Name Origin

Named after the greek hero of the Trojan War.


Warmachine R2

Type Advanced Space Superiority
Manufacturer Destiny Industries
Maneuverability High
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 2.9, 2.9, 3.2 s
Max Velocity 95 - 145 mps forward, 70 mps aft, 45 mps lateral
Max Afterburner Velocity 240 mps forward, 170 aft
Armor Very High
Hitpoints 445
Shields 850
Length 28.1 m


Bank Guns Standard Loadout
1st 4 Sarrisa
1st 4 Enyo
Compatible Primaries
Amirani, Enyo, Khopesh, Kiya, Makhaira, Sarissa, Xiphos
Bank Capacity Standard Compatible
1st 80 Massacre Massacre, Regret, Wraith, Osiris pod, Hypnos Pod
2nd 80 Wraith Massacre, Regret, Wraith, Tiamat pod, Marduk Pod
3rd 96 Spectre Spectre, Phantom, Thundercloud, Shadowhawk
4th 96 Thundercloud Spectre, Phantom, Thundercloud, Shadowhawk

Veteran Comments

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The Achilles is power fantasy in fighter form. Able to mount all but the heaviest missiles and with enough banks to bring a variety of tools; if you see it's available you'll probably need it. Don't forget to use its glide and full strafe capabilities

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