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Fighter Statistics

Fighter Armaments

FS1 Tech Room Description

The Apollo is the most common GTA fighter. It is highly versatile and can perform multiple roles, including space superiority, interception and assault.

Developer Notes

Original space superiority of the GTA fleet. Highly versatile, often doubles as assault type. Low weapon compatibility.

Veteran Comments

GTF Apollo: This ship is vastly underrated. There is a general consensus among the FS2 community that the Apollo is worthless once you meet the Shivans. That's not true. The Apollo may not be terribly maneuverable and is on the slow side, but it is relatively durable and its guns are very well-placed. It can't carry the Phoenix V or Banshee, but it does carry the Prometheus, so weapons compatiility isn't as bad as many people think. The Apollo is best when you need a jack-of-all trades: it has better missile capacity and armor than the Valkyrie and Ulysses and more maneuverability and speed than a Herc. It's tied with the Herc as my favorite ship.