GTF Hercules

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Fighter Statistics

Fighter Armaments

FS1 Tech Room Description

The Hercules is the slowest and most unmanageable fighter in the fleet. This is offset, however, by its overpowering weaponry and shielding. It carries 6 primary weapons, as well as two full secondary banks. This heavy assault fighter is best suited for small target attacks and bomber escort.

FS2 Tech Room Description

The old workhorse of the Terran fleet, the Hercules is a beloved but aging design. It was the mainstay of the Terran forces during the Great War, but it is slowly being phased out of the modern fleet. As they are replaced by Herc IIs, Myrmidons, and other recent designs, Hercules fighters are increasingly relegated to training and guard duties far from the front lines. Pilots who've flown Hercs for years love the ship's heavy armor and firepower and have learned to compensate for its low speed and poor maneuverability. The old Hercs are still widely used by NTF forces.

Developer Notes

Low max velocity offset by its tremendous offensive capabilities. High weapon capacity.

Veteran Comments

My all time favorite FS fighter. - Eishtmo