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Fighter Statistics

Fighter Armaments

FS1 Tech Room Description

Designed by GTI engineers, the Loki is undoubtedly the best reconaissance craft in Terran or Vasudan service. Its hull shape and shielded reactor chamber lends itself to providing a low sensor profile, and is yet capable of very high speed maneuvers. Its relatively light armament and low armor rating make it unsuitable for extended firefights, however.

FS2 Tech Room Description

The GTF Loki is designated as a fighter, but it's more of a heavy reconnaissance craft. The Loki's micro-roughened hull and shielded exhaust chamber give it an extremely reduced profile to detection sensors. This makes it ideal for reconnaissance and infiltration missions that rely on stealth rather than firepower. Lacking the weaponry and armor to survive prolonged battles, the Loki can usually stay alive long enough for its high maneuverability and speed to discourage pursuers. Lokis are widely used by NTF forces.

Developer Notes

High max velocity offset by its tiny payload. High weapon capacity.

Veteran Comments

It sucks! It is not terribly fast by FS2 standards, and it has very low missile capacity. There is no reason to ever choose this over the Perseus. -Woolie

The Loki was never a superior fighter. In Silent Threat it was only marginally superior to the Valkyrie; in FS2 it is in over its head against the second-generation GTVA fighters. - ngtm1r