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All information related to the GTF Skjoldr is non-canon.
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The GTF Skjoldr.


Original Tech Room Description

The GTF Skjoldr advanced interceptor is a fast and deadly craft. The Skjoldr has a smaller weapons payload than the Kvasir, but it has greater staying power than its sibling, making it ideal for interception and surgical strike missions in dense anti-fighter environments.

Dimensional Eclipse Tech Room Description

The PFY-82X Skjoldr is an interceptor craft designed by Pollux Fleet Yards to compete with Borealis Industries' breakthrough designs, incorporating pieces of Exarchy technology in armor and shield systems. Fast, maneuverable, and deadly, the Skjoldr is used mainly by the FedCom's elite SpecOps squadrons.

Credits List

  • Model by Esarai



Name GTF Skjoldr
Type Advanced Interceptor
Manufacturer Nankam Aeronautics
Maneuverability Good
Max Velocity 80 - 100 ms-1
Max Afterburner Velocity 200 ms-1
Max Afterburner Duration 7.6 s
Armor Average
Hitpoints 350 pts
Shields 375 pts
Length 25.1 m
Primary weapons
1st bank 2 guns
2nd bank 2 guns
Secondary weapons
1st bank capacity 30
2nd bank capacity 60
Countermeasure capacity 25 countermeasures


Default Statistics
Bank Guns Standard Loadout
1st 2 Subach HL-7
2nd 2 Prometheus S
Compatible Primaries
Subach HL-7, Akheton SDG, Morning Star, Prometheus S, Prometheus R, UD-8 Kayser, Lamprey, Circe, Maxim
Default Statistics
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 80 Tornado
2nd 80 Tornado
Compatible Secondaries
Rockeye, Tempest, Harpoon, TAG-C, Hornet, Tornado, EMP Adv., TAG-A, TAG-B

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