GTF Valkyrie

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Fighter Statistics

Fighter Armaments

FS1 Tech Room Description

Using the old GTF Angel Scout Fighter as a template, the GTA created the Valkyrie Interceptor Fighter. It has two additional engines, as well as an additional set of primary hardpoints. This makes the Valkyrie the best bomber interceptor in the fleet. Its speed is unmatched in the GTA, and its maneuverability is above average. Its only drawbacks are a small secondary payload and weak hull.

Developer Notes

High speed recon and bomber-intercept fighter. Offers high weapon compatibility and payload.

Veteran Comments

ngtm1r The Valk does it job, and does it well, but when asked to perform in another role it turns out to be disturbingly fragile. If the mission calls for extended dogfighting or attacking transports or military capital craft, though, you're probably going to want something sturdier.