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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
GTFr Atlantis
An example of partially loaded GTFr Atlantis


Tech Room Description

The Atlantis is a large, multi-container freighter, used primarily by civilian freight operators, but occasionally by the GTVA as well. Though often termed a 'Megafreighter' or 'Superfreighter' in common parlance, this term is misleading - the Atlantis' twenty TAC 1 containers give it a comparable maximum dry-load to the more common GTFr Triton (although its maximum total capacity surpasses that of the Triton when its 'wet-load' of ten TGas 1s are taken into account). Rather than competing on sheer tonnage, then, the Atlantis is preferred by civilian contractors for its greater flexibility and superior compatibility with other freighter types. Additionally, many operators prefer the inherently decreased risk that comes from spreading cargo over multiple containers, rather than concentrating it into one unit, which may be damaged or destroyed. Moreover, the spartan design of the Atlantis means that is considerably cheaper to purchase and maintain than the Triton. However, these advantages come with their limitations - very large cargos, or bulk commodities are rarely moved efficiently by an Atlantis.


  • Model and textures by Black Wolf

Designer's Comments



Width 253.52 m
Height 115.99 m
Length 569.37 m
Turrets 0
Cargo docks 30


Veteran Comments

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This ships comports 20 cargo docks that work about as well for TACs than TCs/TSCs, as well as 10 docks for the TGas-1.

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