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All information related to the GTFr Sizifus is non-canon.
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The original GTFr Sizifus by Trashman.
Nyctaeus's GTFr Quirinus from the Dysnomia dump.
GTFr Quirinus with containers.
TAC 7.
TCL 1.


Sizifus' Tech Room Description

Due to the large number of losses amon freighters suring the recent wars, the alliance designed the Sizifus. It is the first real military freighter and the largest ship of its class. Over 1000 meter long, it can carry enormous quantites of various cargo, and due to its design it is well protected by large armored plates. In addition to that the Sizifus is armed with 16 turrets making it a truly tough nut to crack.

Quirinus' Tech Room Description

The massive hauler prototype was deployed for the first time by the end of the Great War. Quirinus was designed for long voyages from central planets to remote sectors of the Outer Rim. Initial task of the Quirinus was providing food supplies, water and other goods to inhabitants of the Outer Rim to hasten colonization efforts, and transport large amount of raw mineral supplies and refined fuel to central worlds of the post-Great War Alliance. Widely known from providing supplies, Quirinus become flying symbol of prosperity, progress and warm relations between Earth and Outer Rim. After PEC came to power, those massive vessels were used mostly to transport weapons, spare parts and other military supplies to PEC battlegroups securing the Outer Rim. From symbol of prosperity, those massive haulers are now considered a biggest treats for peace in Outer Rim. Many of them were hijacked after first and second failed incursions of the PEC, and today those are videly used as main logistics ships of the League of Independent Worlds.

TAC 7's Tech Room Description

The largest and the most heavily armored cargo used by GTA and later by other factions, 7f-variant of the TAC containers are masssive storage units adapted mostly for transporting large amount of crated goods like raw mineral ore, spare parts or food supplies. Raiders from the Outer Rim are known from modifying those cargo containers to carry wing of fighters. TAC 7 cargo units are compatible with Quirinus-class freighters.

TCL 1's Tech Room Description

Massive cargo unit adopted for transport of liquids and gases, the TCL is used mostly for hauling large amount of deuterium from Outer Rim for central planets. Explosion of this thing is a direct treat for every ship smaller than Faustus in direct proximity to exploding cargo. TCL 1 is compatible with Quirinus-class freighters.


  • Original Model by Trashman
  • Quirinus version by Nyctaeus



  • Sizifus
Type Freighter
Max Velocity 25
Hitpoints 80 000
Width 288 m
Height 166 m
Length 1263 m

  • Quirinus
Width 114.82 m
Height 66.14 m
Length 505.51 m
Turrets 10
Cargo docks 2

  • TAC 7
Width 80.46 m
Height 52.40 m
Length 100.61 m

  • TCL 1
Width 79.89 m
Height 46.88 m
Length 105.02 m


  • Sizifus
Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Standard Flak 3 (x2)
Terran Anti-Bomber Turret 1 (x2)
Terran Turret 11
MX-52 1 (x2)

  • Quirinus
Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
FighterKiller 3
Terran Turret 7

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