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[[Category: User-made Ships]]
[[Category: User-made Ships]]
[[Category: Blue Planet]]
[[Category:Blue Planet ships]]

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All information related to the GTGs Prominence is non-canon.
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GTGs Prominence


Tech Description


Credits List

  • Model and textures by Shivan Hunter
  • Smoothing by Droid803



Name GTGs Prominence
Type Gunship
Max Velocity 50 ms-1
Hitpoints 15 000 pts
Length 181.7 m
Turrets 11 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Standard Flak 7
Rockeye 2
Cyclops 1
BFRed 1


Veteran Comments

Please read the Veteran Comments policy before editing this section.

Just... don't mind the BFRed. There is a commented "trololololol :P" next to it in the tables.

Used in WiH as the GEC Ancamna, and in the BtA demo as the TGs Prominence.

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