GTHD Orion Mk2

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All information related to the GTHD Orion Mk2 is non-canon.
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The GTHD Orion Mk2.

The GTHD Orion Mk2 is a Heavy Destroyer.


Flames of War Techroom Description

The Orion MK2 was developed during the Second Great War. The prototype, GTHD Excalibur, was rushed into service by the SOC and participated in many vital missions. At the time of the Capella supernova, the Excalibur was blockading the Gamma Draconis node. Despite the loss of the prototype, it's early field deployment gave the designers much needed data about it's performance. Six years later the first production run of the new destroyer started. The Orion MK2 is bigger, faster and better armed than its predecessor. With two fighterbays and runways it can also launch fighters faster. The GTVA classifies it as a Heavy Destroyer.


  • Model by TrashMan

Developer Notes

The forward beam cannon is very powerful but also vulnerable and has a limited field of fire.



Type Heavy Destroyer
Manufacturer Unknown
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity 24
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 240 000
Shields N/A
Width 725 m
Height 827 m
Length 2334 m
Fighter Complement 132 (standard)


Flames of War
Turret Type Amount
Advanced THT 6x2
LRBGreen 1
BGreen 2
MGreen 2
Terran Turret 10
Terran Anti-bomber Turret 4
Standard Flak 6
AAAf 7
Gattling Turret 2

Veteran Comments

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It is indeed a heavy destroyer, since it got one of the BFGreens in the nose. This destroyer can easily destroy any destroyer, but when it is fighting a juggernaut, it is a different story. One of the most feared destroyers, and with the Advanced Terran Huge Turret, it can take things are out far better, from bomb to ships.

Similar warship - EACa Auriga appears in Inferno Nostos, but it's based on GTD Orion from MediaVPs and it's symmetrical.


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