GTM Cluster Bomb

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GTM-86 Cluster Bomb


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The GTM-86 Cluster Bomb

Tech Room Data

A second-generation Synaptic bomb, this GTI-developed cluster warhead has been designed for attacks against entire wings of enemy ships.

Upon reaching its target, the primary warhead fragments into multiple secondary warheads that explode within a split second. The detonations produce a large field of blast field, making the cluster bomb most effective against fighter formations.



Range 800 m
Reload time 5.0 s
Velocity 160 ms-1
Base Damage 60
Armor Damage Full 60
Shield Damage Good 45
Subsystem Damage Full 60
Shockwave Radius 30 / 100 m
Type: Heat Seeking
View Cone: 180 degrees
Minimum Lock Time: N / A
Turn Rate (360 degrees): 1.0 s

Spawned warheads

Range 75 m
Reload time 0.0 s
Velocity 250 ms-1
Base Damage 35
Armor Damage Full 35
Shield Damage Full 35
Subsystem Damage Average 17.5
Shockwave Radius 20 / 60 m
Type: Heat Seeking
View Cone: 45 degrees
Minimum Lock Time: N / A
Turn Rate (360 degrees): 1.0 s


  • Weapon spawns 8 smaller warheads

Veteran Comments

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Like the GTM Infyrno the Cluster Bomb is difficult to use, unlike the GTM Infyrno the Cluster Bomb doesn't do a lot of damage, even when you get it right, because of the tiny damage caused by the "Cluster Bomb Baby" in FreeSpace 1 (see:Weapon Comparison (FS1).

Another thing about the Cluster Bomb is that, unlike the Infyrno, you CANNOT remote-detonate it. In other words, you cannot actually put that anti-fighter screen where you need it most. The Cluster Bomb is more like a more powerful, shorter-ranged Rockeye. If a fighter gets hit by this, it is definitely a goner. However, because this missile has a range of about 500m, that would be unlikely. At the least, it's better than a Synaptic.

The Cluster Bomb is quite similar in function to the Infyrno missile of FS2, only that the former is a heat-seeking missile and the latter a remote-detonated cluster bomb. In basic English, the Cluster Bomb travels towards the nearest hostile target upon launch and explodes when it is near the target, spewing several small warheads that detonate simultaneously and almost immediately. While a successful hit almost always guarantees a kill, what lets the Cluster Bomb down and makes it almost useless is its relatively slow speed and horrible turn rate. For it to do a 360-degree turn in one second may seem like overkill, but most fighters are capable of turning harder and faster, and if they play it right, they can evade a Cluster Bomb simply by making quick turns and using the afterburners at the right moment. It is possible to kill some ships with this missile, but even a poor marksmen like myself prefer other missiles to this. If, however, the Cluster Bomb moves faster and can turn corners as hard as a Ulysses can, I'm certain that it will be of great use in the field.

There's nothing "cluster" about it, really, with its pitiful explosion radius. The Cluster Bomb is more like a Phoenix V that has half the range and doesn't require aspect lock to home. Like the Phoenix, a direct hit is nearly a guaranteed kill, and can be a nasty surprise to snap off at overly aggressive dogfighters.