GTM D-Missile

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GTM-31 Disruptor Missile


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2

Tech Room Data

Advanced signal processing - high precision interception capability - small payload (9 Kt), combining both conventional explosives and a localized blast of energy caused by the effect of impact upon the laser-propulsion system of the missile - designed to temporarily disable subsystems on hostile targets.

The D-Missile is designed to temporarily stop a cruiser or destroyer from firing its laser turrets. The effect will last about 10 seconds per missile fired, so using these to temporarily disable a cruiser should usually be for suppression until the cruiser is destroyed, or whatever was trying to evade the cruiser has gotten out of range. Only a few ships can carry these - and they are very scarce - so proper utilization is important.



Range 1200 m
Rate of Fire 1 / 5 s
Velocity 80 mps
Damage 1
Against Hullplating None
Against Shields None
Against Subsystems Excellent
Shockwave Radius 10 m / 400 m
Homing System Aspect Seeking
Minimum Lock Time 2.0 s
Turn Rate 1.0 s


  • Weapon causes targets electronic systems (laser turrets etc.) to malfunction.