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GTM-2 Fury Missile


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2

The GTM-2 Fury Missile

Tech Room Data

Small, fast dumbfire missiles - fired in swarms - GTA fighters can carry more Fury missiles than conventional missiles, due to their small size - used for distraction and other tactical measures - very small payload (3 Kt).

Use is recommended in close combat situations and against larger targets where tracking is a non issue.

Command Brief Animation

The GTM Fury schematic in a CB Animation.



Range 900 m
Reload time 0.3 s
Velocity 300 ms-1
Base Damage 30
Armor Damage Full 30
Shield Damage Average 15
Subsystem Damage Good 18
Shockwave Radius 0 m
Type: Dumbfire
View Cone: N / A
Minimum Lock Time: N / A
Turn Rate (360 degrees): N / A


Veteran Comments

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Unlike its descendant, the GTM Tempest, huge numbers of the Fury cannot be crammed into every fighter, bringing its payload bay efficiency to near that of the GTM Hornet (see Weapon Comparison (FS1).) However, the Fury is still very efficient and is compatible with everything in FreeSpace 1. Use it like a primary: pull up behind a bomber and weaken its shield with your guns. When its aft shields are almost depleted, fire off a few of these rockets and the bomber will quickly go down. Another use of the Fury is in strafing against targets like freighters and cruisers, or even subsystems, where they are moderately effective.

The Fury is useful in the first few missions against the Shivans, before you are authorized the Avenger or Prometheus. Firing a few of these into the back of a Shivan fighter or bomber will deplete its shields and also rip through its hull. The Fury is much better than the MX-50 in this respect. However, the Fury is slower than most primaries, which makes it weaker against faster ships.

Only FS1 missile that does well for the size against shielding.

The Fury should give you a vague idea of how much raw destructive power a single FS fighter can project. It's more powerful than some modern tactical nukes! Best used as a supplement to primary weaponry, or prior to the issue of the Avenger a replacement for primary weaponry entirely, the Fury requires getting in closer then primary weapons normally do because of its slower speed. Servicable against bombers, Basiliks, and even the Scorpion if used well or against poorly skilled enemies, but using the Fury against most Vasudan fighters or a Manticore/Dragon is an exercise in futility and frustration.