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The GTM-19 Harpoon is one of the newest missiles in the GTVA tactical arsenal. It boasts a fast-locking "fuzzy logic" guidance computer, a powerful thruster, and high agility. The end result is a missile that space superiority squadrons will most certainly be seeing a lot of during their career.

In addition to the obvious advantage of intercept ability, the Harpoon is also a quite compact weapon. The Myrmidon fighter, for example, can carry 32 of these warheads. With its powerful explosive, two simultaneous missiles hits will usually damage most fighter severly, but only light fighters will go down immediatly. The Harpoon is tough to beat in terms of payoff per time invested and payload space. Unless your mission goals require you to fill your banks with other ordnance, a launcher full of these can almost always be put to good use.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2

Tech Room Data

The GTM-19 Harpoon is the most sophisticated weapon in the GTVA arsenal. Not only is it the fastest aspect-seeking missile used by the fleet, but advanced fuzzy-logic circuitry enables it to gain lock faster than any other missile in its class. The missile's warhead is wrapped in a shell of ultra-dense depleted uranium, ensuring maximum penetration into the hull of its target before the warhead detonates.

Veteran Comments

The signature dogfighter's missile, accurate, quick to lock, quick to reload, and small enough to be packed on in bunches. A staple weapon with a decent subsystem value, making it useful for most purposes a fighter might want secondary armament for. Few fightercraft will die of a double Harpoon hit, but most will be in bad shape.

Before firing off your double Harpoons, shoot up your target with your primaries a little, sheilds weakened most fighters will die on impact.



Range 1250 m
Rate of Fire 1 / 2 s
Velocity 250 mps
Damage 100
Against Hullplating Excellent
Against Shields Good
Against Subsystems Average
Shockwave Radius 20 m / 40 m
Homing System Aspect Seeking
Minimum Lock Time 2.0 s
Turn Rate 1.0 s