GTM Phoenix V

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Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

Tech Room Data

All-aspect seeking - same tracking system as the Interceptor - large payload (50 Kt), but slower than the Interceptor - one of the best fire-and-forget missiles ever developed - many fighter pilots within the GTA regard the Phoenix V as the weapon of choice against high value, heavily defended targets.

The number one bomber killer in our arsenal, this is the single most damaging missile that can be equipped on a fighter craft. The longer lock time and slower speed make it less of a dogfight weapon and more of an anti- bomber warhead. It's extra damage against shields makes it especially useful against the Shivan bombers.



Range 1750 m
Rate of Fire 1 / 5 s
Velocity 175 mps
Damage 350
Against Hullplating Excellent
Against Shields Average
Against Subsystems Good
Shockwave Radius 10 m / 30 m
Homing System Aspect Seeking
Minimum Lock Time 3.5 s
Turn Rate 3.0 s