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Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The GTM-X1 Serkr was an experimental warhead developed by the GTI and used by rogue elements of the organisation during the later stages of the Hades Rebellion in Silent Threat: Reborn. The Serkr's first known use in field combat was during the ultimately successful recovery of the PVD Hope by GTA and PVN forces at the Delta Serpentis node to Beta Aquilae. It subsequently saw widespread use by the GTI whenever they fielded bombers, such as during the attack on the PVI Egyptos and the final confrontation between the combined GTA/PVN forces and GTI over Deneb III.

Tech Room Data

Non-conventional thermonuclear warhead - estimated explosive yield not less than 3125 Mt - massive destructive capability not suited for tactical subsystem destruction - highest damage for its size of any GTA bomb - a single bomber carrying GTM-X1 ordnance has a damage potential two-thirds greater than one carrying GTM-N1 ordnance - single stage liquid fuel rocket booster - smallest turn radius and greatest linear velocity of any GTA bomb - highly efficient design for extended weapon lifetime.

The Serkr is a high-yield warhead developed as part of a top-secret GTI experimental weapons program. Sacrificing anti-subsystem capability for sheer hull-damaging power, the Serkr delivers a destructive payload 33 percent greater than the more common Tsunami. Like the Tsunami, the Serkr can be loaded on the Medusa medium bomber for tactical deployment -- and with a top speed of 95 m/s, this bomb stands a good chance of eluding even the fastest interceptor fighters. GTI pilots have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Serkr against capital ships of all types.



Name Serkr
Range 2375 m
Reload time 20.0 s
Velocity 95 ms-1
Damage 2000
Armor damage 2000
Shield damage 40
Subsystem damage 1000
Homing type Aspect
Minimum lock time 5 s
Turn rate (360 degress) 1 s
Shockwave radius (inner/outer) 100 / 200 m
Hitpoints 50

Additional properties

  • Weapon is a missile weapon (Secondary weapon)
  • Weapon is marked as a bomb (Bomb)
  • Weapon is capable of easily damaging even larger vessels (Huge)
  • Weapon must be locked onto the target in order to be fired (No Dumbfire)
  • The shockwave doubles the damage against any target that takes a direct hit


The Serkr#short has the same properties as the Serkr, except its lifetime is 15.75 seconds compared to the Serkr's 25.

Veteran Comments

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The Serkr is the GTM Cyclops in all but name (this is even mentioned inside FSPort's weapons.tbl). It is more efficient at destroying capital ships than the GTM Tsunami, but less so than the GTM Harbinger, and of the three warheads, it does the least subsystem damage per hit.