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GTI TAG-A Missile


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

File:TAG A 320x240.jpg
The GTI TAG-A Missile

Tech Room Data

The TAG-A missile was conceived during the GTVI's top-secret stealth technology research projects. The missile was manufactured and swiftly pressed into service as a means of counteracting the sensor-disrupting effects of the recently discovered Knossos nebula. Upon impact with a hard surface, the TAG missile adheres and activates a small, short-lived electronic beacon. This beacon is powered by a small fuel cell with a usable lifetime of several seconds. During this time, it broadcasts location and targeting information to all friendly ships within range.

Veteran Comments

The TAG weapons seem ineffective in anything other than the properly FREDed mission, the only one in the Freespace 2 campagin (as far as I know) is A Game of TAG, beyond that single mission, I don't think they really have any use.

If this was used by warships instead of fighters, and was fired in swarms and an ULTRA beam followed, I would be very wary of this. However, it is not, and therefore I shall scorn it to death.

To me, the TAG weapons are the most useless weapons in the whole game. In A Game of TAG, I used my TAG-As all the time and the cruisers that were supposed to be helping didn't do anything except complain about "If I don't TAG it, they can't kill it".



Range 2000 m
Rate of Fire 1 / 3 s
Velocity 400 mps
Damage 1
Against Hullplating ??
Against Shields ??
Against Subsystems ??
Shockwave Radius 10 m / 30 m
Homing System None


  • TAGs the target (level-2). Effect lasts for 11 s