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GTI TAG-C Missile


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The GTI TAG-C Missile

Tech Room Data

The TAG-C is the third and final generation of TAG missiles developed by the GTI labs. This model provides greater reliability and compatibility with existing GTA turret hardware. Although these missiles are extremely scarce, tagging a target with one results in a devastating barrage from local friendly artillery. TAG-Cs have thus far been restricted to elite squadron use only



Range 2 665 m
Reload time 8.0 s
Velocity 205 ms-1
Base Damage 1
Armor Damage Full 1
Shield Damage Full 1
Subsystem Damage Full 1
Shockwave Radius 10 / 30 m
Type: Aspect Seeking
View Cone: N / A
Minimum Lock Time: 2.5 s
Turn Rate (360 degrees): 1.75 s


  • TAGs the target (level-3). Effect lasts for 10 s

Veteran Comments

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Never actually used in the game, and incompatible with all GTVA fightercraft unless table alterations are made, the TAG-C looks to be a leftover vestige of something else. When the table alterations are made, it functions a lot like the GTM TAG-B missile.

It is unofficially confirmed that the TAG-C is part of the infamous "Subspace Missile Strike" or SSM, serving as the trigger and target point for the missiles to converge upon. The TAG-C was supposed to paint a single enemy, much like the TAG-A and TAG-B, but would summon an unavoidable barrage of heavy missile fire from subspace. This feature, although never used in the final iteration of retail FS2, is nonetheless still present in retail tables, albeit disabled. Bobboau was the first person on HLP to "unlock" the use of this weapon back in 2002. Subspace missiles recently made appearances in Flaming Sword's 'Shivans' mod and in Blue Planet: War in Heaven, and they will play a major role in the upcoming Inferno Alliance Standalone.