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The GTM Tempest is a small, fast-moving rocket; an upgrade of the Great War-era GTM Fury rocket. It has excellent compatability and will fit into the secondary bays of most ships. While it does little damage compared to most other missiles, and has no guidance system, the Tempest has two powerful features.

Firstly, the munition itself is very small, allowing most fighters to load at least one hundred of these rockets. Heavier craft can carry several hundred. Secondly, the recycle speed on the Tempest launcher is extreme. While other missile racks require a second or two to load a new volley, the Tempest can launch in a veritable hail.

Tactically, the Tempest fills two main roles. One, it is a good short-range tool to use against slower enemies like assault fighters, and bombers. These ships have thick armor and powerful shielding, but a hail of Tempest rockets can quickly shred even the heaviest protections. The weapon's second role is the use of surgical strikes against warships or lightly armored vessels like freighters.

Using the Tempest against agile targets, it is best to save your ordnance until you're right on their tail. The Tempest is fast, but not instant, and without a visual indicator you would have to depend mostly on luck to gauage the necessary amount of lead on a moving target at any appreciable range. When engaging slower ships, fire as soon as you're within range since the rocket can easily intercept any cruiser, freighter, transport, etc.

Generally, the Tempest is best used in dual-fire mode at all times. Given the munition's disadvantage of low damage per rocket, and the advantage of having huge numbers of them to fire, using them twice as fast is not an error. A subtle benefit of the Tempest is that when you've used up your stock of rockets, a support ship can reload this type of ordnance very quickly.