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The Tornado is the direct descendant of the GTM Hornet swarming missiles. Like that earlier design, the Tornado launcher fires 4 warheads per salvo. This newer weapon is much improved though in terms of speed and agility, and stands a good chance of intercepting any craft. Its range is also enhanced, and will now reach out to about 1.5km.

Though the updated swarming missiles are a better weapon for dogfighting, this design does have two considerations to keep in mind. First, the Tornado is slightly larger than the Hornet, meaning fewer missiles can be loaded into an equivalent secondary bay. And second, due to the way the Tornado's guidance systems have been programmed, it will not arm its explosive if launched without a target; so you can't shoot from the hip like you can with the Hornet.

Even given these two considerations, this is an excellent choice in a fast-moving fighter melee.