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The GTM-55 Trebuchet is a specialized tool developed to assist guarding vessels in the interception of bombers at maximum range before they can deploy their torpedoes. With a range of 5km, this missile has the longest reach of any fighter-mounted system, and can inflict devestating damage even to heavily shielded bombers.

The primary disadvantages of this weapon are that it lacks agility, and that it's a bulky peice of equipment. While few bombers are nimble enough to even think about evading an incoming Trebuchet, the missile doesn't stand a very good chance of hitting any type of fighter. This wouldn't normally be a large problem for such a specialized system as this, but it is amplified because of each missile's size, making each fighter able to carry only a few rounds.

Some pilots have reported a high degree of success using this weapon as a sort of light tactical torpedo. While the missile doesn't have anywhere near the effective payload of a GTM Cyclops, it does have the advantages of being longer-ranged, compatible with many fighters and interceptors, and that anti-torpedo defense systems cannot target and destroy an incoming Trebuchet. Pilots disable a target ship's anti-fighter beams and flak from a safe distance, then move in for the kill with heavier ordnance. GTVA Command is considering an analysis program to explore this tactic from both an offensive and defensive standpoint.


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File:Trebuchet 320x240.jpg
The GTM-55 Trebuchet

Tech Room Data

The new GTM-55 Trebuchet was developed as a long-range, anti-bomber missile with an effective range of 4,000 meters. It also utilizes the latest in precision targeting technology for short lock times. The Trebuchet plays a vital role in defensive missions, enabling escort and patrol fighters to intercept incoming bombers without straying from the ship or emplacement under attack.



Range 5 040 m
Reload time 6.0 s
Velocity 280 ms-1
Base Damage 840
Armor Damage Average 315
Shield Damage Poor 175
Subsystem Damage Full 840
Shockwave Radius 20 / 40 m
Type: Aspect Seeking
View Cone: N / A
Minimum Lock Time: 3.5 s
Turn Rate (360 degrees): 3.0 s


Veteran Comments

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Long-range anti-bomber/anti-subsystem missile. Range of 5 kilometers so you can keep people well out of bomb or beam range from the ship you're escorting. Effective at taking out turrets in addition to bombers, a useful missile for all escort missions. And any fighter that takes a hit from a Treb is in deep trouble.

Dual Trebuchets can take out virtually any fighter or bomber. The only fault this missile has is its lack of maneuverability, and the space they take up in your secondary slots. Always pick up a rack of these if you're flying intercept.

If your flying escort, there is nothing better, a rack of 5, and you've destroyed 3/4 of any enemy wing before its in range to fire on your escorted ships

Remarkably effective weapon, The only time not to use Trebuchets is inside of range 1300 (approx), at that range it's accuracy drops off sharply, better to switch to Harpoons, Tornado's or to use primaries.

In some missions, if the enemy consists of slower fighters like Mara, Basilisk, Aeshma, Herc II, Seth, and Tauret, and they are quite far away (>3000 m), a single treb missile can knock them out of the water. I kid you not, in the campaign mission Bearbaiting, after the Sathanas has jumped out and the Beleth has been destroyed, some fighters may still appear around 3 klicks out. Use any remaining trebs against these fighters from long range and you'll be astonished as to how it can take them out.