GTM Trebuchet

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This weapon is a specialized tool developed to assist guarding vessels in the interception of bombers at maximum range before they can deploy their torpedoes. With a range of 5km, this missile has the longest reach of any fighter-mounted system, and can inflict devestating damage even to heavily shielded bombers.

The primary disadvantages of this weapon are that it lacks agility, and that it's a bulky peice of equipment. While few bombers are nimble enough to even think about evading an incoming Trebuchet, the missile doesn't stand a very good chance of hitting any type of fighter. This wouldn't normally be a large problem for such a specialized system as this, but it is amplified because of each missile's size, making each fighter able to carry only a few rounds.

Some pilots have reported a high degree of success using this weapon as a sort of light tactical torpedo. While the missile doesn't have anywhere near the effective payload of a GTM Cyclops, it does have the advantages of being longer-ranged, compatible with many fighters and interceptors, and that anti-torpedo defense systems cannot target and destroy an incoming Trebuchet. Pilots disable a target ship's anti-fighter beams and flak from a safe distance, then move in for the kill with heavier ordnance. GTVA Command is considering an analysis program to explore this tactic from both an offensive and defensive standpoint.