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The Akheton SDG, or Subsystem Disruption Gun, is a tactical weapon developed by the Vasudans. Unlike other guns, the SDG does no hull damage at all: rather, it only destroys subsystems and turrets of the target. This has obvious utility in disarming or disabling operations. The SDG also does a moderate amount of shield damage to small craft. However, the weapon's high energy requirements and low rate of fire make it an undesirable choice for dogfighting.


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The Akheton SDG

Tech Room Data

The Vasudan-made Akheton SDG Advanced Disruptor was a direct result of the phenomenal success of GTA disruption weaponry in the Great War. The GTW-41x Advanced Disruptor subsequently underwent a retrofit and was pushed into mass production. With the exception of the Subach HL-7, more SDG units have been produced by the GTVA than any other weapon in history. The SDG is notorious for its demanding power requirements.



Range 750 m
Rate of Fire 2.86 shots per second
Velocity 500 ms-1
Base Damage 30
Armor Damage None 0
Shield Damage Average 15
Subsystem Damage Full 30


Veteran Comments

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If you're a pilot who likes to disable the turrets of enemy warships whenever the opportunity arises, even if it's not one of your assigned mission goals, you might wish to take the Akheton. In general, however, there are plenty of other weapons that do the job just as well and have the additional advantage of causing some hull damage. Unless the mission specifically calls for a target to be disabled with minimal damage, or it's a freighter/transport/something-else-that-might-explode-if-sneezed-on, one should leave the SDG at home.

The SDG is a surprisingly bad energy hog and will drain your power dry with startling ease. Be prepared to devote extra power to weapons if you want to do sustained firing.

Surprisingly capable of disabling shields, but the massive energy drain disallows it from this role.

This weapon has a short firing range compared to the most other primaries and is largely replaced by the long-range Maxim Cannon later in the game for cruiser disarmament.