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The GTW-15 Avenger Cannon is a primary weapon which was used during the Great War. The main advantage of this weapon was that it was the only weapon that could inflict damage to Shivan shields during the onset of the Great War. Its predecessor, the ML-16 was ineffective against shields and had to be replaced. After the development of the Prometheus, the Avenger was no longer the preferred weapon of GTA pilots.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

File:Avenger 320x240.jpg
The GTW-15 Avenger Cannon

Tech Room Data

A rapid-fire, computer-controlled radar and gun system - capable of firing at a rate of more than 4500 rounds per minute - used primarily for close-defense situations - uses closed-loop radar technology to locate, identify, and direct a stream of highly destructive 45mm projectiles to the target.

With the advent of shield technology, the GTW-15 is preferred over the ML-16 in any ship that can carry it. It's extra damage against hulls make it one of the best anti cruiser weapons. It has also proven very effective against Vasudan fighters. However, it's substandard anti-shield capabilities make it a poor choice for dogfighting Shivans, although far better than the ML-16.



Range 1000 m
Rate of Fire 4 shots per second
Velocity 525 ms-1
Base Damage 20
Armor Damage Full 20
Shield Damage Good 13.6
Subsystem Damage Poor 5.6


The heist of the prototype

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Veteran Comments

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The Avenger is a fine weapon, due to the lower energy demand, it is sometimes even more ideal than the Prometheus. Why? Because therefore you don't have to divert so much power on your lasers and you are able to have more energy on shields and energy.

I always like coupling this with a GTW-32 Flail Rifle. I call it the "hook and flail" combo.

The Avenger's speed, and therefore its accuracy, is greater than that of the GTW Prometheus as well. If you don't have excellent aim or intend to engage at fair distances, the Avenger serves well.

A surprisingly good weapon. The Prometheus does have roughly 25% better damage against shields (8x4 shots vs 6x4 shots to remove a Basilisk's rear shield). However, the rate of fire, low energy use, and travel speed give this weapon some desirability over the Prometheus. The Avenger is extremely good against hull plating, and is a great partner for the Banshee...which will strip the shield in a couple of shots regardless. On its own, it may not be as great as the Prometheus, but the Avenger is a great choice when combined with a shield stripping weapon.

It's unclear why GTVA Command would see fit to replace this perfectly serviceable gun (expendibles; uses ammunition) with the considerably inferior Subach HL-7, especially with the fluff about the Subachs being expensive. Maybe because they needed a fast weak gun to teach newbies how to aim or something. But this is a good weapon even when inserted into an FS2 campaign, at least until the Prometheus S makes it obsolete again.

I suspect its theoretical reliance on ammo was why it was taken out of service, i mean the cost to produce ammo for all the avengers in service at the end of the FS1 campaign must have been astronomical, not to mention you had an unrealistic unlimited ammo for it in FS1 which would have needed to be removed in FS2 to make it more believable.