GTW Banshee

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GTW-7 Banshee


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

File:Banshee 320x240.jpg
The GTW-7 Banshee

Tech Room Data

An electromagnetic weapon - sends rapid pulses of exceptionally strong electromagnetic energy resulting in a 1.63 x 105 J blast that forces its way through any known shield technology and produces a dramatic shearing effect which quickly destroys the target ship's materials - named for the fact that in an atmosphere, the pulse creates an atmospheric disturbance similar to a quasi-human scream at 140 dB - uses up a tremendous amount of available ship energy - already, it is has been used by many GTA fighter aces and test pilots as a coup de grace, although such a use for this massively powerful offensive weapon is officially viewed as poor sportsmanship by the GTA.

The GTW-7's impressive anti-shielding capabilities make it the weapon of choice against the Shivans. The main limitation of this weapon is low weapons compatibility. It can only be fitted on a GTF Valkyrie or a GTF Hercules.

Veteran Comments

The Banshee's higher energy requirements and lower hull damage are, in general, not worth the added shield-stripping punch when compared to the Prometheus. At the very least the Banshee requires being paired with a more powerful antihull cannon.

The only primary weapon with an actual value matched to it. Should be fun for those who want to calculate weapon powers.

The Banshee is usefull for Shivan vessels with high sheild to armor ratios, best when coupled with hull damaging weapons- either the GTW Avenger or the GTW Prometheus, or even the GTM Fury.

The addition of the Banshee to a fighter greatly increases its destructive rate against other fighter craft. The energy use is quite a bit higher than other weapons, but it's nothing you can't alleviate with good energy management. A Banshee paired with a Prometheus is probably the most powerful and versatile weapon combination in FS1. You'll also find that, in a pinch, the Banshee isn't *that* bad against hulls on it's own.



Range 975 m
Rate of Fire 2.5 / s
Velocity 650 mps
Damage 31
Against Hullplating Average
Against Shields Excellent
Against Subsystems Poor