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GTW-32 Flail Rifle


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

File:Flail 320x240.jpg
The GTW-32 Flail Rifle

Tech Room Data

A rapid-fire, low energy, ceramic optic focused, krypton laser - used in tactical situations to distract or lead an enemy to their destruction at the hands of other allied fighters - this weapon, if used over an extended period of in-flight battle, can destroy an enemy fighter, but, as a destructive weapon, should only be used as a last resort.

The fast firing rate and high mass of the Flail make it great for changing the velocity vector of an enemy fighter or bomber. It is slightly more effective than the Avenger against shields, rated at damage/second. Its low energy consumption rate makes it useful for prolonged engagements. Note, however, that once you have taken out an enemy's shields, switching to another weapon is advised.

Veteran Comments

FS2 veterans playing FS1 retroactively via the Port have a surprise in store with the Flail. This weapon isn't a mere knock-around gun like the Morningstar. It boasts useful shield and subsystem damage values in addition to its ability to knock an opponent silly. The Flail's high rate of fire also makes it much more useful then most guns when installed in the offset triple-rack of an Ursa bomber. It can still be used against subsystems to good effect, and with all the shots you're putting out, it's much easier to find a way to make an enemy fighter fly through them.

Great for close-up fighting, it can be a very frustating experience to continually be hit with this cannon. It is possible to paralyze an opponent with the proper angle of fire, and render them near helpless to your missile volleys. It will peel the shields right off of the target, but it is next to useless on hull plating... so be sure to couple it with another weapon.

Best anti-lag weapon in FS1: highly recommended for multiplayer.



Range 1200 m
Rate of Fire 6.67 / s
Velocity 1000 mps
Damage 12
Against Hullplating Minimal
Against Shields Excellent
Against Subsystems Minimal