GTW Leech Cannon

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GTW-43 Leech Cannon


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

File:Leech 320x240.jpg
The GTW-43 Leech Cannon

Tech Room Data

The Leech Cannon depletes the power supply of enemy fighters. Use it to disable afterburners, energy weapons, and shields. No subsystems targeting is required, just point and shoot.

The Leech Cannon is an anti-fighter weapon with minimal effect against larger vessels.

Veteran Comments

This weapon is literally useless, much like the GTW ML-16 (after shields), the GTW Prometheus R, or the Training Laser used by the GTDr Amazon. Unlike its descendent the GTW Lamprey which at least has some shield damage, the Leech does almost nothing other then energy leeching, which doesn't do squat in single player and does little in multiplayer.

The Tech Room data would lead you to believe that the weapon was similar to the Prometheus cannon. In actuality, the weapon does extremely poorly against both shields AND hulls. If for some reason you wish to wield this weapon, take along another cannon.



Range 900 m
Rate of Fire 3.33 / s
Velocity 450 mps
Damage 1
Against Hullplating Minimal
Against Shields Excellent
Against Subsystems None


  • Weapon leeches energy from the target with every hit.