GTW Shield Breaker

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GTW-99 Shield Breaker


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

File:Shield Breaker 320x240.jpg
The GTW-99 Shield Breaker

Tech Room Data

Developed as an anti-Shivan weapon, the Shield Breaker inflicts massive damage to enemy defensive systems. This weapon causes no structural damage, but coupling it with an anti-hull cannon is very effective against larger Shivan bombers such as the Seraphim.

Developer Notes

The anti-subsystem weapon

Veteran Comments

Developer note seems to be remnant from a previous weapon as the S-breaker has no subsystem factor.

The Sheild Breaker is 'almost' identical to the Freespace 2 GTW Circe, close enough that most any comments that apply to one apply to the other. The bolts travel at the same 450 mps of the GTW Prometheus. The Sheild Breaker is commonly known as the S-Breaker.



Range 1600 m
Rate of Fire 3.33 / s
Velocity 400 mps
Damage 40
Against Hullplating None
Against Shields Excellent
Against Subsystems None