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The GTW Subach HL-7 (More commonly referred to simply as the Subach) is one of the GTVA's basic weapons, along with the GTM Tempest dumbfire and GTM Rockeye heat seeking missiles. It is the first primary weapon granted to new recruits and is thus the first one encountered by the player in Freespace 2.

Though it lacks the sheer hitting power of many weapons encountered later in the campaign, the Subach remains a useful weapon throughout much of the game for its high compatability and refire rate, and its well balanced shield/hull damage ratio. It also consumes much less power than heavier guns, a powerful advantage since it allows one to direct power to the shields and engines instead of energy-hungry weapons.

The Vasudans have a variant of the Subach HL-7 that can be mounted only on their ships, the GTW Mekhu HL-7.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

Tech Room Data

The Subach-Innes HL-7 is a xaser weapon, firing an intense, highly focused beam of x-ray emissions. Until the Shivans appeared with their shield technology, these weapons were considered an unnecessary and costly extravagance. But Great War dogfights against Shivan craft quickly taught the Allies that their ships didn't stand a chance unless they could punch through shields. The HL-7 works superbly against shields of all varieties and has become the standard issue Primary weapon for all Terran fighters and bombers.

Veteran Comments

This is my favorite cannon throughout the game (especially on a GTF Erinyes or GTF Myrmidon or other fighter with double banks), unlike the GTW Prometheus S or the GTW UD-8 Kayser this gun doesn't really eat much energy at all, continuing to work consistantly. Some people may find its realitivly low raw damage a disadvantage, but some will find the high rate-of-fire, efficency, and compatability balance out those issues.



Range 900 m
Rate of Fire 5 / s
Velocity 450 mps
Damage 13.5
Against Hullplating Excellent
Against Shields Good
Against Subsystems Poor


  • It should be noted that the Subach is conspicuously absent from the canon campaign, Operation Templar, which took place sometime after the GTVA's formation in 2345. This indicates that the Subach had not reached mass production at the time. However, it is not entirely clear which year Templar took place in, apart from the fact that the GTVA existed at the time.