GVD Hatshepsut

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Official Description

In 2360, Allied Command commissioned the first of the GVD Hatshepsut-class destroyers. The Vasudan contractor Akheton designed the Hatshepsut to efficiently integrate the new beam cannon. The process of retrofitting the older Typhon-class warships yielded vessels prone to system failures and reactor overloads. Though a handful of modified Typhons remain in service, the Hatshepsut has taken over as the primary Vasudan destroyer. With 24 turrets, 5 beam cannons, and 2 fighterbays, destroyers such as GVD Psamtik of Deneb's 13th Battle Group serve at the vanguard of the modern Vasudan fleet.

Technical data

Hull strength: 135,000 hitpoints
Maximal velocity: 15 metres/second
Length: approximately 2 kilometres
Fighter complement: Unknown Might be around 15 wings.
Scan time: 2,000 miliseconds

  • 1 SVas beam cannon
  • 3 BVas beam cannons
  • 5 Fusion Mortar warhead launchers
  • 6 Terran Huge turrets
  • 4 AAAf anti-fighter beams
  • 11 Standard flak guns

Other subsystems:

  • Bridge
  • Navigation
  • Weapons
  • Communication
  • Sensors
  • Fighter bay 01
  • Fighter bay 02
  • Reactor
  • Engine 01
  • Engine 02

Ship names

GVD Psamtik
GVD Memphis

Wiki Comments

The Hatshepsut is not as much effective against fighters than the GTD Hecate-class, but her BVas beams mean danger to anything larger than a bomber and can be targeted with beam cannons. It's a setback that the beam turrets are large, thereby easy to hit, and vulnerable.

There is a nice, glowmapped version for the Hatshepsut's textures in the SCP MediaVP.