GVD Psamtik

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Ship history

The Psamtik was the command ship of the 13th Vasudan Battle group, assigned to assist GTVA forces in the Deneb system against the NTF. The deployment of the Psamtik and the eventually caused the NTF to weaken at Deneb. The pilots of the Psamtik spotted the first SJ Sathanas and retreated back to Gamma Draconis. As Allied command ordered, the Psamtik's fighter wings oversaw the destruction of the Knossos subspace portal. After the shivan Juggernaut's intrusion into allied space it was the Psamtik that deployed fighters and bombers to destroy the main beam cannons on the Sathanas to assist GTVA Colossus in it's destruction. The Psamtik itself took part in none of these missions, only its fighters were present.

After this victory, the primary focus of the Psamtik was to locate Admiral Aken Bosch and his command frigate, the NTF Iceni. During this search, fighter wings from the Psamtik came across a second Knossos subspace portal. The Psamtik was called in to examine the portal, but moments after arriving, a second Sathanas Juggernaut came through the portal and destroyed the Psamtik, killing Admiral Khaffe and the entire crew.