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  • The game_settings.tbl file defines options that can be changed globally.

Campaign Settings


$Default Campaign File Name:

  • Defines which campaign will be selected by default for new pilots.
  • Do not include the file extension.
  • Syntax: String

HUD Settings

Begins with #HUD SETTINGS

$Directive Wait Time:

  • Defines how long the game will wait before displaying a directive.
  • In milliseconds.
  • Syntax: Integer

SEXP Settings

Begins with #SEXP SETTINGS

$Loop SEXPs Then Arguments:

Other Settings


$Self Praise Percentage:

  • Sets the percent chance a message will play where a pilot praises his own kills.
  • Number between 0 - 100.
  • Syntax: Integer

$Fixed Turret Collisions:

  • Makes all hits to a turret's barrels count as hits to the turret subsystem. By default this does not happen, unless the point of impact falls inside the model radius of the turret's base.
  • Syntax: Boolean

$Damage Impacted Subsystem First:

  • If set, a hit which impacts a physical subsystem will always deal damage to that subsystem first, even if another subsystem is closer to the point of impact. By default, the closest subsystem will always receive damage first.
  • Syntax: Boolean


Table must end with #END

Sample Entry

   $Default Campaign File Name: NewCampaignFile
   $Directive Wait Time: 5000
   $Loop SEXPs Then Arguments: True
   $Self Praise Percentage: 75