Gamma Draconis

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Celestial Information

  • Distance from Sol: 101 lyrs, 31 par
  • Type of System: Singular
  • Color: K5-Red Giant
  • Right Ascension: 17h 56m 36.4s
  • Declination: +51° 29' 20"

Important Events

  • 2235: The GTSC Erikson briefly surveys Gamma Draconis and finds nothing of interest.
  • 2367: The NTC Trinity, under the orders of Admiral Bosch, activates the Knossos portal and enters the nebula beyond.
  • 2367: Shivans enter Gamma Draconis, beginning the Second Shivan Incursion.
  • 2367: Admiral Bosch, aboard the NTF Iceni, escapes into the nebula, along with the NTC Alexandria and NTT Grall, as the Neo-Terran Front comes to a violent end.
  • 2367: The GTVA destroys the Knossos to prevent the SJ Sathanas from entering Allied space. The attempt is ultimately unsuccessful.

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