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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


Gattler tech model.png
The SCWS-10 Gattler

Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The SCWS-10 is a fast-firing mass driver developed by Kiribati-Sunder. Helical ammunition feeds supply 20mm HEAP rounds to a rapid-cycle coilgun at 10 rounds per second. Although initially ineffective against modern warship armor, retooled variants of this round defeat the outer layers of most extant fighter and warship defenses with a degenerate uranium penetrator before detonating their payload. Excellent anti-hull performance and good accuracy at range make the SCWS-10 useful in both the warship attack and intercept roles. Damage against shields is limited by the round's tendency to shear and disintegrate on shield surfaces. Although only in limited circulation, the SCWS-10 is notable for its use onboard Uriel gunships, mounted in the first primary bank as a long-range intercept or hull attack option.



Range 2000 m
Rate of Fire 10.00 shots per second
Velocity 1500 ms-1
Base Damage 20
Armor Damage 1.0x 20
Shield Damage 0.2x 4
Subsystem Damage 0.5x 10


  • The weapon has limited ammunition (Ballistic).

Veteran Comments

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Haven't actually found much use for this weapon personally, but that's just me. Its spool up time delay (delay before firing) and its lack of meaningful shield damage mean it is only useful in specific situations.

Excellent for long range bomb intercept, breaking up bomber formations and anti-hull attack.

Analogous to the Maxim.

Another mildly annoying thing is that the Uriel (onto which the Gattler is commonly equipped) is unable to link its weapons, which means you have to switch back and forth between weapons (say, this and the Rapier) to be effective. This isn't a major problem but can be distracting during a fast-paced dogfight.

Very similar to a Maxim. It has two-thirds the range of the Maxim, but does more damage per second and does not cause the "shudder" effect of the Maxim. Rather than using power, the Gattler uses ammunition, the amount dependent on the craft (and indeed the bank) it's mounted on. Very useful for disabling turrets - it does more subsystem damage than the Scalpel, and is compatible with nearly every UEF fighter (for providing a decent anti-hull punch, make sure you have at least one energy weapon or a support ship standing by for ammo constraints). You can't snipe turrets at range like you can with the Maxim, however; the Archer that is introduced to you at the same time is a more useful anti-system-sniper. The Gattler is good for any current or future anti-shipping, warhead intercept, hunting of fighters with damaged shields, and close-range multiple turret destruction you might need to do.