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There are a few different ways of getting your hands on FreeSpace 2.

Good Old Games (GOG)

A new digital distribution service for classic games, including both FreeSpace titles, which launched in late 2008. GOG is selling FreeSpace 2 for $9.99 (USD) and the original FreeSpace for $9.99 with no digital rights management strings attached. Definitely the most highly-recommended means of obtaining the games at the present time.


FreeSpace 2 was available on Steam in June 2014.

Physical Copies

There are still copies of FS2 floating around, but finding them is not always easy.

So where could you grab a copy?

FreeSpace 2 has not been mass-produced for several years, so checking places that sell used software is your only recourse if you need to buy locally. The original FreeSpace has been out-of-print (so to speak) for even longer, but luckily for you you can play FS1 by getting the FreeSpace Port, but you'll need FS2 set up first.