Getting the FreeSpace2: SCP Source Code

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Here's how you set things up Ported from karajorma's post here on the HLP Forums.

  • Go to the Tortoise CVS homepage and download the latest version
  • Install it. You'll have to restart your PC afterwards*
  • Make a new folder on your HD where you'd like to install the code. You'll need a fair bit of space for the code + the intermediate files when building it. Press right mouse and choose CVS Checkout from the list.

File:FS2 SCP CVS Installing1.jpg

  • An new window will open up. Cut and paste this into the CVSROOT: textbox :pserver:[email protected]:/home/fs2source/cvsroot
  • In the module option at the bottom type fs2_open (exactly as shown. Do not use capitals) Your screen should now look like this

File:FS2 SCP CVS Installing2.jpg

  • If you want to checkout the current stable branch rather than the development branch (Since you don't have write access you probably should go with the stable build so that that more of the bugs you encounter are your own fault) you should click on the revision tab
  • Click on the "Choose Branch or Tag" option. Press the Update List button. TortoiseCVS will then connect to the server and get a list of revisions
  • If you set up things correctly on the Module tab, you will be prompted for a password. The password for anoymous access is anonymous.
  • In the "Branch or Tag Name" dropdown you can now see a list of branches that CVS contains. fs2_open_3_6_9 is the one you want
  • Your screen should now look like this

File:FS2 SCP CVS Installing3.jpg

  • Press OK to begin downloading from the repository. If not previously asked for a password you will be asked now. The password for anonymous access is anonymous.

It's pretty easy. Shouldn't take you more than a minute or two to do once you've installed Tortoise.