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Fighter squadron: Not known

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With the GTVA-EA war resolved, the fighter team deserved a break, for about six months' worth of shore leave. That was cut short in a matter of days, as new, and potentially worse Shivans could be entering GTVA space via the Fomalhaut system...


You have Alpha and Beta wings of your own choosing, they are by default, 4 Advanced Persei armed with a Prometheus, and three banks of Arrow missiles. A recommendation for some team mates is to swap the Prometheus for the Hastor, and switching the last bank of Arrows for Hurricane rockets.

You have three Shivan comm nodes to destroy, along with some transports, and defending cruisers. The key to surviving this is to do everything quickly, and team coordination. You will encounter a lot of pesky Shivans, and even some stealthed ones too.

After you destroy the three nodes, a Shivan destroyer will come in. Two Vasudan long-range destroyers will take care of it. Then stay away from the node and do NOT fly in a direct path towards it. A massive Shivan juggernaut will come in. The Vasudans try to hit it, but all it did was leave a light dent. Command will call the abort order, so get out.

If at any point you lose Alpha Wing, Epsilon of three Advanced Persei will come to assist you.


To be filled in later.

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