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==Notable ships present==
==Notable ships present==
* SD ''[[Lucifer]]''
* [[SD Lucifer|SD ''Lucifer'']]
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 1 Campaign]]
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 1 Campaign]]

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Fighter squadron:


Your objective is to destroy the Lucifer. The Lucifer has five reactors located on its main hull. In order to eliminate the Lucifer, these reactors must be destroyed.


The ideal ship to use in this mission is the Hercules, as it combines heavy firepower with a strong hull (helpful since you don't have any shields).

This mission is significantly easier than it would seem, given its importance. Usually dogfighting Shivans for 10 minutes will win it for you; the Shivans don't pose much of a threat with their shields gone. The best strategy, however, and one that becomes necessary on the higher difficulty levels, is to follow your wing's lead and destroy the Lucifer's weapons subsystem first. This will prevent the Lucifer from shooting down Delta wing's bombs, and Delta only has a limited supply (and can't rearm). Delta starts the mission a few kilometers behind you, so you'll even have enough time to destroy the subsystem before they close within bombing range. Once the weapon subsystem is destroyed, just protect Delta.


Note that you cannot issue Delta wing any orders in this mission.

Also note that the relative easiness of this mission makes it yet another automatic mission, if you play on easier difficulty settings. On "very easy" or "easy" settings, you can slow down to a halt at the beginning of the mission, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the show. Your wingmates are perfectly capable of completing the mission all by themselves, requiring no interaction at all on your behalf. You will pass, no matter what, even if you really screw up and manage to get yourself eliminated—just watch the battle from your admittedly limited perspective, and if your wingmates are successful, the ending cinematic will play.

Also note that there is an alternative—and way cooler—way to complete the mission; disable the Lucy and eliminate all hostiles. With the Lucy disabled, you'll have all the time in the world to take her out. Lucy will spit out a lot of fighters before her innards are depleted. After all is quiet, proceed to eliminate the crippled behemoth as you would any other huge chunk of enemy metal. Please make sure you do not destroy the five reactors, just smash her to pieces. If you destroy the reactors, you will not receive that fabled Lucy kill. It'll inflate your ego to titanic proportions when you check your kill stats afterwards and it says "Lucifer: 1".

Notable ships present