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The Great War was the first invasion of the menacing Shivans in the year of 2335. The outbreak of this war caused the Terrans and Vasudans to set aside their differences and combat the mutual threat. The Shivan armada, led by the shielded superdestroyer SD Lucifer, marched through the Terran and Vasudan lines of defense, destroyed the Vasudan homeworld of Vasuda Prime, and then set a course for Earth. Ultimately, Ancient artifacts discovered in Deneb and Altair led to the Lucifer's destruction while exiting the jump node to Sol, collapsing it.

After the loss of the superdestroyer Lucifer, the Shivans became disorganized. They unsystematically attacked Terran and Vasudan targets during the Hades Rebellion, but by the end of 2335, all Shivans in the known galaxy had been rooted out.


January 7th: Shivans first sighted in Ross 128. Contact lost with Riviera Station.

January 8th: The Galactic Terran Alliance launches Operation Thresher. Initial losses cause Thresher to be declared a failure only two days after it started.

January 9th: Laramis system discovered.

January 15th: Traitor Alexander McCarthy captured by the Galactic Terran Alliance while attempting to sell the Avenger prototype cannon to the Vasudans. (Main Article: Heist of the Avenger Prototype)

January 16th: The Shivans attack Vasudan and Terran forces near the Antares-Ribos node. PVC Taurus and GTSC Plato destroyed. First Shivan fighter destroyed.

January 18th: PVE proposes cease-fire. Shivans inflict heavy casualties in Beta Cygni and Vega.

January 20th: Lt. McCarthy is tried for treason, the McCarthy trials go down as an historical precedent.

January 23rd: The Galactic Terran Alliance and the Parliamentary Vasudan Empire sign the Treaty of 2335. The 14-Year War officially comes to an end. GTD Amadeus destroyed by Shivan forces. GTA and PVE declare open states of war against the Shivans.

January 24th: Hammer of Light secedes from the PVE and begins willfully aiding the Shivans. Terran and Vasudan scientists perform the first successful test of energy shielding, using a captured Shivan fighter.

January 25th-29th: Hammer of Light attacks disrupt many of the convoys carrying shielding systems, and capture many prototypes.

January 31st: Hammer of Light cruiser Ramses is destroyed by the Shivan Cain-class cruiser Taranis during a GTA capture attempt.

February 10th: Terran fighters and bombers from the GTD Galatea capture the Taranis in Ikeya. It is towed to Tombaugh Station in Ribos.

February 11th: SD Lucifer destroys captured Taranis and Tombaugh Station. Analysis of the attack reveals powerful beam weaponry and invulnerable shielding. PVD Pinnacle assists in the recovery of refugees and survivors in the system.

February 14th: Terran-Vasudan tensions are strained by the joint occupation of Antares.

February 15th-19th: GTD Galatea leads a strike force against Hammer of Light forces in the system.

February 20th: Shivan Dragon-class fighter captured in Deneb.

February 22nd: Shivan fighter refitted with Terran weaponry. Covert reconnaissance acquires crucial scans of several Shivan ships, including the Lucifer.

February 28th: Battle of Deneb, a last-ditch effort to hold off the Shivans as long as possible to evacuate Vasuda Prime. Combatants include the SD Lucifer, SD Eva, GTD Galatea, GTD Legion (non-canon), and PVD Hope. Of these, only the Lucifer and the badly damaged Hope survive the intense battle.

March 1st: SD Lucifer arrives in orbit around Vasuda Prime and bombards it for thirteen straight hours. Most escaping transport ships are destroyed, all major Vasudan cities are leveled, and most of the landmass is rendered uninhabitable. An estimated four billion Vasudans are killed. (Main Article: Destruction of Vasuda Prime)

March 2nd: GTD Bastion assist in evacuation and rescue efforts in Vasuda and Beta Aquilae.

March 5th: Vasudan scientists discover Ancient remains on Altair IV. The GTSC Rosetta and pilots from the GTD Bastion help recover the artifacts and destroy the Hammer of Light flagship Anvil.

March 17th: Ancients artifacts reveal the method of tracking the SD Lucifer through subspace, where its shields will be inoperative.

March 22nd: Miniaturization technology on intersystem subspace drives perfected. Drives are installed on all remaining fighters and bombers.

March 29th: SD Lucifer destroyed by pilots from the GTD Bastion while exiting subspace in Sol. Sol-Delta Serpentis jump node collapses, severing Earth from the rest of the galaxy. (Main Article: Destruction of the SD Lucifer)

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