Hades Rebellion

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The Hades Rebellion was an attempted coup initiated by rogue elements of Galactic Terran Intelligence following the events of the Great War, and was cataloged in the Silent Threat campaign. In one of his monologues in FreeSpace 2, Admiral Bosch mentions that he had once battled rogue elements of the GTI during this rebellion, which has sparked speculation that the player's character in Silent Threat was, in fact, Aken Bosch, though this has never been canonically confirmed.


February 31: Battle of Deneb, a last-ditch effort to hold off the Shivans as long as possible to evacuate Vasuda Prime.

March 29: SD Lucifer destroyed by pilots from the GTD Bastion while exiting subspace in Sol. Sol-Delta Serpentis jump node collapses, severing Earth from the rest of the galaxy. (Main Article: Destruction of the SD Lucifer)

April 18: First combat deployment of the GTF Loki stealth fighter by GTI Research and Development.

April 23: Initial sightings of SB Seraphim reported.

May 7-19: Allied Terran and Vasudan forces intensify their offensive against the Shivans.

May 19: GTI forces attack and destroy the GTD Krios in an attempt to cover up illegal GTI activities. GTD Soyakaze intervenes and retrieves enough data to implicate the rogue elements.

May 20: Rogue GTI forces open hostilities against GTA and PVN forces.

May 27: High Command dissolves Intelligence and integrates loyalist forces, including the Soyakaze, into the main GTA fleet. The former GTI headquarters, the Jotunheim installation, is destroyed.

June 1: Pilots from the GTD Soyakaze confront and, after a lengthy battle, cripple the Hades. End of the Hades Rebellion.

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