Hades Rebellion (ST:R)

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The Hades Rebellion was an attempted coup initiated by rogue elements of Galactic Terran Intelligence following the events of the Great War, and was cataloged in the Silent Threat campaign. In one of his monologues in FreeSpace 2, Admiral Bosch mentions that he had once battled rogue elements of the GTI during this rebellion, which has sparked speculation that the player's character in Silent Threat was, in fact, Aken Bosch, though this has never been canonically confirmed.

The FreeSpace Port has released a reimagined version of the Silent Threat campaign known as Silent Threat: Reborn due to the generally poor nature of the Silent Threat missions. Though it is not canon, this project deals with the Hades Rebellion, and provides some background detail on this ship and the rebellion around it. The non-canon elements of this timeline are based upon this campaign.


February: Project Hades is proposed.


January: Construction of the GTD Hades begins at the Sheol Shipyard in Delta Serpentis.


January 7: GTSC Einstein is reported destroyed in the Shivan attack on Ross 128.

February 27: GTD Legion launches a surprise attack on the Hammer of Light shipyards in Altair. HoL deploys the Sekhmet bomber prototype.

February 31: Battle of Deneb, a last-ditch effort to hold off the Shivans as long as possible to evacuate Vasuda Prime. The GTI Flagship, GTD Legion, is destroyed by the SD Lucifer. The loss of the Liason Office terminates Command's supervision of GTI's research and development programs. The hulk of the Legion remains in orbit around Deneb III for decades.

March 29: SD Lucifer destroyed by pilots from the GTD Bastion while exiting subspace in Sol. Sol-Delta Serpentis jump node collapses, severing Earth from the rest of the galaxy. (Main Article: Destruction of the SD Lucifer)

April 1: GTSC Valhalla enters Delta Serpentis-Sol jump corridor and fails to reach Earth. However, the Valhalla is able to salvage Shivan weapons systems and other technologies from the back half of the Lucifer remaining in the corridor. The Valhalla transfers the material to the Hades Project.

April 3: GTI Chief of Intelligence, Andreas Rybak, orders a full shakedown of the Hades.

April 15: Aken Bosch is transferred to the 91st Phantoms and begins his tour of duty with the GTI.

April 18: First combat deployment of the GTF Loki stealth fighter by GTI Research and Development. Shivan attacks disrupt covert GTI monitoring of Vasudan research station PVI Cheops. The installation is destroyed by the GTI in a covert action, reporting the attack to have been caused by Shivans.

April 23: Initial sightings of SB Seraphim reported.

April 30: A joint Terran-Vasudan operation crushes a major Shivan force in Antares, destroying a large number of ships including the SD Demiurge.

May 1: In the subsequent power vacuum, the Antares Federation stages an ill-fated raid on the Talus Particle Accelerator complex. It is the first sign of fragmentation in the wake of the Sol jump node collapse.

May 7-19: Allied Terran and Vasudan forces intensify their offensive against the Shivans. Demon-class destroyers Abaddon and Archon destroyed.

May 19: GTI forces launched from the GTD Repulse attack and destroy the GTD Krios in an attempt to cover up illegal GTI activities. GTD Soyakaze intervenes and retrieves enough data to implicate the rogue elements.

May 20: GTA High Command declares victory over the Shivans. Rogue GTI forces open hostilities against GTA and PVN forces. Aken Bosch transferred to 82nd Nighthawks.

May 25: GTD Hades launched. Shortly afterwards, GTA forces capture Sheol Shipyard and the GTD Repulse.

May 26: The Hades smashes the Vasudan blockade of the Beta Aquilae jump node and cripples the PVD Hope beyond repair.

May 27: High Command dissolves Intelligence and integrates loyalist forces, including the Soyakaze, into the main GTA fleet. Former GTI Director Andreas Rybak and R&D Admiral Marcus Glaive charged with high treason. Counterintelligence forces crack the GTF Loki's stealth technology. The former GTI headquarters, the Jotunheim installation, is destroyed. Rybak and Glaive escape to the Hades.

May 29: The Hades destroys the PVD Vanguard and most of the Vasudan counteroffensive. PVI Egyptos, one of the only Karnak installations spared by the Shivans, is annihilated by the Hades in Vega.

May 30: PVD Hope rams the Hades as it attempts to jump to Deneb. The Hades survives with critical damage to its already unstable subsystems.

June 1: Pilots from the GTD Soyakaze confront and, after a lengthy battle, cripple the Hades and cause it to crash onto the surface of Deneb III. Rybak and Glaive are presumed dead, and remaining GTI forces surrender. End of the Hades Rebellion.