Hammer of Light Rebellion

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The Hammer of Light Rebellion was a series of strikes conducted by a splinter group of Vasudans against the allied Galactic Terran Alliance and Parliamentary Vasudan Navy.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the following storylines:

  • FreeSpace 1

First encounters

The first appearance of the Hammer of Light was during the escort of the shield prototypes from the Ribos system to Beta Cygni. They destroyed defenceless Vasudan freighters who were begging for help by the fighters escorting the prototypes. Loyally following their orders, the Terran fighters refused to help and the freighters were destroyed. At the end of the escort, a group of Vasudan fighters were supposed to relieve the Terran pilots. The jumping in real relievance unveilled the conspiracy of the Hammer of Light decoy and destroyed them, keeping the shield prototypes intact.

At this point, it was unknown how large this rebellion actually was. A mission to capture the PVC Ramses was launched, which was interrupted and circumvented by the arrival of the SC Taranis. The Ramses was destroyed. All the use of this mission was that the GTA learnt that the Hammer of Light had acquired their shielding technology as well.

Notable engagements

The tactics of the Hammer of Light was to interrupt engagements between the Shivans and the alliance. They kept interrupting battles in which they were usually defeated.