Hammer of Light Rebellion

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This article is about the historical events concerning the Hammer of Light rebellion. For information concerning the organization, see Hammer of Light.

The Hammer of Light Rebellion was a series of strikes conducted by a splinter group of Vasudans against the allied Galactic Terran Alliance and Parliamentary Vasudan Navy.

First encounters

Shortly following the emergence of the Shivans in 2335 and the signing of the peace treaty, a group of Vasudans began willingly aiding the Shivan cause in accordance to ancient Vasudan legends. These Vasudans began making attacks on Vasudan and Terran targets in an attempt to aid the Shivan advance.

Among the first appearances of the Hammer of Light was during the escort of the shield prototypes from the Ribos system to Beta Cygni. They destroyed defenseless Vasudan freighters who were begging for help by the fighters escorting the prototypes. Loyally following their orders, the Terran fighters refused to help and the freighters were destroyed. At the end of the escort, a group of Hammer of Light fighters warped in, claiming to be relief for the Terrans. The ruse was later revealed by the arrival of loyalist forces.

The scope of the rebellion had been seriously underestimated. A mission to capture the PVC Ramses was launched in an attempt to find out more information about the rebellion. The interference of the SC Taranis caused the destruction of the Ramses and the failure of the mission. It was over the course of this mission that it was discovered that the HoL had also acquired shield technology.

Notable engagements

As the Vasudans had begun to prepare for a massive counteroffensive into the Shivan-controlled systems beyond Vega, they were ambushed and destroyed by Hammer of Light forces. It appeared that the system would fall under the control of the rebels. The GTD Galatea was stationed nearby and was ordered to launch a series of assaults against Hammer of Light outposts to weaken their defenses. The new GTB Medusa technology was put to use along with the Tsunami anti-cruiser bomb. Complicating the engagement was the involvement of the Shivans, who attacked both sides indiscriminately.

Antares was the next stop of the campaign against the Hammer. A secondary supply depot was located in an asteroid belt, in the vicinity of the jump node leading out of the system. The GTA managed to destroy all hostile targets and the depot was looted. After this victory, the Galatea was diverted to Beta Aquilae.

The Hammer of Light made an attempt to intercept the Galatea en route. They utilized the PVC Mauler, an Aten-class cruiser, to ram the Galatea as well as other kamikaze fighters. The engagement ended with the destruction of all HoL units, but moderate damage inflicted upon the Galatea.

During the war for the Vasuda system, the Hammer could not afford to entangle.

A bold attempt was made to defer Omega transports carrying the Ancient records. The PVD Anvil, flagship of the Hammer of Light, was defending the Altair-Aldebaran jump node. In the ensuing battle, the newly developed GTB Ursa proved its efficiency with their Harbinger bombs and destroyed the Anvil. The records were safe.

An ultimate attempt was made to stop the GTD Bastion and its fighter wings chasing the SD Lucifer. A Typhon-class destroyer, the PVD Prophecy, crossed the path leading to the jump node, but was bypassed. The Bastion was too slow to catch up with the main fighter wings and remained behind.

The End of the Rebellion

Main Article: Operation Templar

Following the destruction of the Lucifer, the Hammer of Light's tactics shifted. Although they continued to oppose the Terrans and Vasudans, they turned more towards guerrilla warfare.

Sometime after the formation of the GTVA (likely dates include either 2345 or 2358), the Hammer of Light successfully infiltrated the GVD Anhur in the Vasuda system. They managed to take possession of several Scarab class stealth prototypes on board the Anhur as well as capture Supreme Admiral Khu, an extremely important officer in the Vasudan navy. They were both unloaded onto transports and moved to the Alpha Centauri system in the ensuing confusion.

The Hammer of Light then demanded the release of all captured HoL leaders in government custody in return for the release of the hostages. The hostages were later transferred to the HLD Tanis, the last Hammer of Light destroyer, in the Aldebaran system. However, the stealth prototypes were destroyed by GTVA forces en route.

The Tanis was later destroyed in an engagement with GTVA forces, although the hostages were safely extracted. However, in the Sirius system, the last outpost of the Hammer of Light remained. Supreme Admiral Khu, still under HoL custody, was transferred to the Nagada outpost. GTVA pilots were able to extract Khu and destroy the Nagada outpost, ending the Hammer of Light rebellion.

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