Heavy Flak

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The Heavy Flak is a flak gun used in FreeSpace 2. Among all flak guns, Heavy Flak boasts the highest damage per shot as well as the largest effective shockwave. However, it also has the slowest firing rate. Heavy Flak is mounted on the GTD Hecate and SCv Moloch and used primarily as defensive weapons against smaller vessels.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2



Range 1125 m
Rate of Fire 0.67 s-1
Velocity 750 ms-1
Base Damage 50*
Armor Damage Full 50*
Shield Damage Full 50*
Subsystem Damage Average 20*
Shockwave Radius 30 / 60 m


  • The shockwave doubles the damage against any target that takes a direct hit

Veteran Comments

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Does more damage per shot, but less damage per second than Standard Flak. This occurs despite the larger shockwave radius, which somewhat gives the impression of a much stronger flak battery. A larger shockwave makes the difference when the distance between incoming spacecraft is very limited.