Hellfire (ST:R)

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Silent Threat: Reborn

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Fighter squadron: 91st Phantoms

Description: The Shivan cruiser group Hellfire is on its way to reinforce the main Shivan battlegroup. Your squadron's task: interception.


A Shivan convoy group designated Hellfire is heading back to a rallying point, and they have to cross to the Ikeya jump node. Ideally, the GTD Krios would be deployed, but the information about Hellfire was given at the last minute and there is only time to deploy a strike squadron.


You have Alpha (default Hercules), Beta (default Zeus), and Gamma (default Ulysses) Wings of your own choosing (4 units each), along with Delta Wing (consisting of four Medusa bombers).

A recommended loadout for Alpha 1 is the GTB Athena with Avenger cannons, one bank of Disruptor missiles, and dogfighting missiles of your choice. Switch all of Beta to Medusa bombers with at least one bank of Tsunami warheads (you only have 23 warheads available in the starting loadout, so you can have one of Beta have 3 and 5 Tsunamis in the first and third bank respectively). Give everyone Prometheus cannons, their anti-hull damage really becomes useful here.

The objective is three Cains and one Lilith, along with Rama, Krishna, and Arjuna wings.

You can fly intercept and get some more fighter kills. Once you're done, assist your wingmen. If you've been good enough against the fighters, there's no losing this mission, unless deliberately. Reassign orders to Beta and Delta wings as necessary. (Take the Cains first, you have enough combined firepower to take them on. Just the Lilith will be a tough nut, and if you can, stall it with Disruptor Missiles.)


  • Ideally, you should fly a fighter that can hold Phoenix V missiles, Stilettos, or Disruptor missiles. The first two types are useful for disabling the capital ship engine systems, or in the case of the last one, bringing the weapons offline to avoid the bombers getting shot up by cluster missiles.