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==Project Members==
==Project Members==
*'''Woomeister''' - ''Leader, FREDder, modeller''
*'''Woomeister''' - ''Leader, FREDder, tabler modeller''
*'''Mobius''' - ''Tester''
*'''Mobius''' - ''Tester''

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Several years after the destruction of the SD Lucifer and the collapse of the Delta Serpentis jump node, the shadows of the old GTA have completely vanished.

Project Members

  • Woomeister - Leader, FREDder, tabler modeller
  • Mobius - Tester
  • neoterran - Tester
  • Snail - Tester


Number of missions: 20

Mods: Several exclusive ships


To be filled in later.


An upgrade of the entire mod, campaign included, is currently WIP. It will be released with the name Inferno: Alliance Standalone, or INFASA.

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