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Several years after the destruction of the SD Lucifer and the collapse of the Delta Serpentis jump node, the shadows of the old GTA have completely vanished.

Project Members

  • Woomeister - Leader, FREDder, tabler modeller
  • Mobius - Tester
  • neoterran - Tester
  • Snail - Tester


Number of missions: 20

Mods: Several exclusive ships


Inferno: Alliance was generally well-received by the public. Most reviewers praised the mod asset and found the missions to be technically well-done.

However, some have noted that the missions were too simple, and there was little pilot chatter to involve the players in the storyline. A few reviewers agreed that the story could have been presented more adeptly.

Player Comments

INFA is reasonably entertaining as long as you remember to play on a sufficiently low difficulty level. Commentators are right about the campaign's balance issues, but I wouldn't like to discourage anyone from higher difficulty settings, because the campaign's missions are rather short, so you can restart multiple times without too much time investment. This doesn't mean that all the missions are very hard. Some are just okay, but you have to know which ones, so I recommend Easy for the first play-through. The first mission is one such mission, which is too bad, because it gives a bad first impression. On the technical side of things, it's more proficient than a regular FS user-made campaign; you won't encounter any quasi-serious bugs in a casual playthrough. Mission goals and directives come true when they are supposed to, all important ships are on the escort list, and you cannot issue orders to those ships that are not supposed to be given orders. Very few campaigns manage to get these basics right, INFA is one of them.
There will be, however, a wide array of punctuation errors, but at least there are no other spelling mistakes with the exception of a couple of hangers. INFA actually knows the difference between it's and its. In this (and a lot of other) respects, INFA beats the official TBP campaigns.
I recommend INFA if you're not disturbed by difficulty and you're thirsty for a basic, regular military campaign with much action. - TopAce 15:27, 17 October 2010 (UTC)


An upgrade of the entire mod, campaign included, is currently WIP. It will be released with the name Inferno: Alliance Standalone, or INFASA.

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