Inferno: Alliance Ship Database

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Evac Transport

GTC Nilus

  • GTC Tyr class cruiser
  • Suffers damage to its engines in proximity of the Moon and calls for help. Comes under heavy bomber attack in Lunar Rescue (Sol1-13) but manages to escape

GTD Adrasteia

GTD Auriga

GTD Leander

  • GTD Zagreus class destroyer
  • Came under heavy pirate attack in Those who dare (Sol1-03) when waiting for a Martian tranport
  • Attacks and destroy the main pirate outpost in Strike (Sol1-05) after the Martians have recovered precious data stored in the installation
  • Ordered to move deeper in the asteroid field to attack Admiral Doran's outpost, the GTD Adamanthea. It is attacked by many bomber wings
  • Enters the field of engagement in First Strike (Sol1-11) to engage Earth ships attempting to penetrate in Martian space. Takes down the GTC Lethe and the GTC Iambe and forces the GTD Panopea to withdraw
  • Moves to the outer orbit of Earth from which a planetary bombardment is possible in Leander's Fall (Sol1-15). It is attacked and destroyed by the GTD Megaera

Frontier Post 2

Frontier Post 4


GTC Basileus

GTC Elara

  • GTC Leviathan class cruiser
  • Attacks and destroys a Martian convoy transfering data regarding the Claymore project, thus causing a war between two of the main colonies of the system
  • Attempts to return back to Earth, but it is destroyed by the player and his wings in First Strike (Sol1-11)

GTC Elymus

GTC Iambe

GTC Ichor

GTC Lethe

GTC Phaeton

GTC Thriae

GTD Panopea

GTD Megaera

  • GTD Megaera class destroyer
  • Flagship of the Earth fleet, the Megaera was born thanks to the research on the debris of the SD Lucifer that remained in Sol
  • Every cruiser that attempts to attack it is destroyed by the beam cannon or by the multiple railgun batteries
  • The Megaera escapes whenever its beam cannon is threatened or heavily damaged
  • Appears in Leander's Fall (Sol1-15) and takes down the GTD Leander
  • Appears in Hornet's Nest (Sol1-18). It is in proximity of Frontier Post 2 with the GTD Panopea. The player is tasked to scan its subsystems during the mission
  • Arrives in outer orbit of Mars from which it could put an end to the war
  • Weakened by Martian bomber wings that destroyed the beam cannon and the navigation subsystem, the Megaera is destroyed by the GTD Auriga in Battle for Mars Part II

Lunar Outpost 4

  • GTI Arcadia class installation
  • Connected to two Communication Arrays Extensions(GTExC, the installation receives most of the Earther communication traffic in the area
  • Martian fighters attack and destroy communication arrays in Word of Mouth (Sol1-14) while avoiding collateral damage to civillians onboard


GTSC Narcissus

  • GTSC Faustus class science cruiser
  • Appears in Ambush (Sol1-07) in order to jam transmissions between the player's squadron and Martian Command, but is easily destroyed by the player

GTD Adamanthea