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An expanded re-release of Inferno: Release 1, Inferno Nostos is the centerpiece of the Inferno Anniversary project. It will feature a radically revised version of the original Inferno campaign and additional missions to conclude the story, as well as upgraded visuals, models, and design elements.

General info

Author: The Inferno Team

  • Woomeister - Project leader, 3D artist, FREDer
  • Rampage - 3D artist, FREDer
  • JSRNerdo - FREDer
  • Trivial Psychic - FREDer
  • Droid803 - 3D artist, FREDer
  • Nyctaeus - 3D and 2D artist
  • TheDagger - 3D and 2D artist
  • BrotherBryon - 3D artist
  • Jessnec - Effect artist
  • Rhymes - Writer
  • General Battuta - Writer
  • Admiral Nelson - CBanim Artist


  • Nightmare
  • -Joshua-
  • procdrone
  • FrikgFeek

Missions: 30


  • Improved missions from the original R1 and more brand new missions, more than doubling the original R1 campaign length
  • One of the largest modpack fleets ever assembled surpassing the original FS2 retail ship limits
  • Improved HTL versions of R1 models and many more new ones
  • Brand new weapon effects and new weapon designs as well as revamped R1 classics
  • Several new music tracks as well as upgraded R1 music


Act I released.


  • The latest FS2 Open nightly build
  • MediaVPs 2014

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